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The 5 Most Common Old Home Renovations in Athens, Georgia

 (modified Mar 17, 2020)

The moment you saw it through the passenger’s window of your realtor’s Prius you knew you had to have it. Finally, a home you wouldn’t mind hiring the best residential dumpster rental in Athens, Georgia for.

But are you sure you’re ready to handle all these old home renovations?

Every old movie, tv-show, and family pictures from the turn of the century led you to this. Walking up the wooden porch steps you can feel the impression of thousands of footsteps.

The interior smells like a library. Damp paper pulp from the library smells like a mixture of a green forest and a mossy creek.

Even the door frames are smaller. Leftover from a time when anyone over 5’8” made them a giant.

Gazing out the window of the master suite, the whirring buzz of Athens reminds you to have the best of both worlds.

The character and charm of the past hundred years with all the modern conveniences of a Georgian suburb.

Bin There Dump That is here to help you navigate your way through all your DIY home renovations.

1. New Appliances

The original oven in your old home may be a beautiful antique, but it isn’t practical for modern living.

Some old ovens aren’t even big enough for a Thanksgiving Turkey. They also had a different name for dishwashers back then--your two hands.

Just because you live in an antique home doesn’t mean you have to live like a Pilgrim. New appliances can turn an old home from little house on the prairie to Architectural Digest in one weekend.

The top appliances to focus on updating:

  • Oven/stove
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave (built-in if you can afford it)
  • Central A/C and heating (the most expensive but best resale value)

2. Convert Fuses to Breakers

The safety of fuses is debatable. One thing that isn’t--their wastefulness. Once a fuse breaks, it has to be replaced. Getting rid of them is key to restoring an old home.

Circuit breakers take constant fuse replacement out of the equation. They even offer a tax break when it comes to hunting for deductions this April.

If your home was built before 1961 and hasn’t been updated, it’s running on fuses. So what makes fuses so undesirable?

Because they break only when they get too hot, they have the potential to start a fire. Circuit breakers trip the open circuit before too much heat is in the equation.

So they keep everything at a safe temperature and all it takes is flipping a switch to fix the problem.

No running out to the hardware store to buy a new fuse or fuses.

3. Regrout

Nothing looks grungier than dirty grout in an otherwise clean bathtub. Old, yellow grout doesn’t just look gross, it’s like a luxury condo building for mold and mildew.

Like tuckpointing an old brick wall, you can’t just go around sticking new grout on deteriorating grout.

The old stuff needs to be dug into at least a 1/8 ” deep before starting with a fresh batch of grout.

If you’ve never regrouted tile it may be worth it to hire a professional. A top-rated contractor with years of experience regrouting can have your shower done in a few hours.

If you’re a rookie it could take you all day just to scrape out the old stuff.

4. New Cabinet Hardware

Cabinets can get expensive. So what’s a more budget-friendly alternative? The handles are the most used part and are quick to pick up dirt and grime.

If you’ve recently painted or put up new curtains, try to match your new hardware to give your kitchen a cohesive fresh look.

5. Central Air and Heating

You take the good with the bad with old homes. When it comes to getting the temperature you want it’s going to mean window units and radiators.

Central A/C and heating is a sizable investment, but well worth it. Not only will it make your home more comfortable for years to come, it will increase your property value.

If you’re in a neighborhood where antique homes are the norm, central heating will really make your listing pop when it comes time to sell.

Cleaning up After Old Home Renovations

Replacing that old oven that could barely fit a cornish hen, let alone a Thanksgiving turkey makes your antique home feel like the set to a Lifetime movie.

The freshly painted exterior is like a subtle facelift on an aging celebrity. Just enough to make your home look cared for without dissing its colorful history.

Home renovations are always easier when you have a residential dumpster rental ready to fill up with all your old furnishing and fixtures.

But none of us want to spend hours on hold this season waiting for holiday trash pickup. At Bin There Dump That we value your time as much as you do.

Check out our dumpster sizes and more so you’re all ready to go after the holiday season!

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