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A Homeowner’s Guide to Tornado Safety and Recovery

 (modified Jan 10, 2020)

Looking out the window, you know what’s coming.

Good thing you took the advice in this article on tornado preparedness.

And when you climb out of the cellar and see the total destruction you survived, it can feel like you’ll never have your old home back.

But don’t despair. Athens has the best residential dumpster rental service in the country.

You can have a dumpster at your doorsteps in hours ready to haul away all the garbage that tornado threw into your yard.

If you’re not sure what to do during a tornado, relax. You’ll be ready with these tornado response tips.

1. Pickup Any Lawn Furniture, Toys, Paint, Etc.

Start by bringing in any outdoor furniture and items that aren’t bolted down. Paint and chemical cleaners should also come inside to minimize potential damage.

2. Reinforce Your Roof

Reinforcing a roof can be a DIY project if you really want it to be, but a professional’s help can mean the difference between your roof surviving a tornado or not.

Hiring a professional to reinforce your roof will pay off when you don’t have to replace your entire roof after a tornado hits.

Remember to stay away from the roof and upper levels of the house even with reinforcement.

Tornadoes are unpredictable and reinforcement can reduce damage, but not prevent it entirely if a tornado gets right up in its business.

3. Board Everything up

Like hurricanes and other extreme weather, glass is your worst enemy. Keep plywood in the basement for quick reinforcing.

The plywood will be too wet afterward to use for anything else. A good dumpster rental company can haul it away for you.

If you don’t have a basement, find the most central part of your house without windows and stay there. Don’t go into a room with windows until you know for sure the tornado has passed.

4. Turn off Utilities

This is an important safety precaution. Even if you don’t know what to do during a tornado, shutting off the main power can save lives. Make sure to turn off all power on the main breaker.

Same with water. The last thing you need to add to your problems is flooding from a busted pipe.

5. Have an Emergency Kit Ready

Get one of those big plastic moving boxes to fill with food, water, and first aid supplies. Keep it in the basement so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it upstairs.

Make sure to have several flashlights and lots of batteries in case power is out multiple nights.

6. Keep Copies of Important Documents at a Different Location

If you have family or friends in another part of the country where tornadoes aren’t a threat, ask to trade copies of important documents.

This way you’ll each serve as each other’s back up document holders.

This can save a lot of time when services are out indefinitely after a tornado and you need items, like your passport or ID, that could have been destroyed by the tornado.

Tornado disaster recovery starts before the tornado even forms.

How to Recover from a Tornado

If you become trapped, try to cover your mouth and nose with your hand or some fabric. There will be a lot of dust you don’t want to breathe in.

Send a text if you can instead of making a call to avoid breathing in contaminated air.

Stay away from powerlines which may have been loosened during the wind storm.

Conserving the energy of your phone and any electronics is important after a tornado when power is out indefinitely.

Make sure your loved ones know you’re safe and where they can find you. Stay away from bridges and freeway overpasses until the tornado is completely gone.

If you get stuck in your car racing home, don’t ever try to out drive a tornado. Use your hands to protect your head and neck and get down on the floor of your car.

Now What?

If you thought surviving a tornado was hard work, try finding a residential dumpster rental service that makes the trip to the dump for you.

Oh, wait, Bin There Dump That does exactly that. Don’t waste your time working around random city pickup schedules.

When you’re figuring out what to do during a tornado, you’ll find some conflicting answers. Not the case when hunting for a dumpster rental service.

All you have to do is fill the bin and they take care of the rest. No calling the dump to make arrangements or paying for a truck to toe it up to your house.

They even put down wood boards to protect your driveway from any damage. You’ve worked hard to recover your property after a tornado, and BTDT appreciates your property as much as you do.

So why settle for less than the best? You moved to Athens because it’s your dream town. Don’t start settling now!

Text Bin There Dump That now for a free quote!

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