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12 Ways to Declutter Your Home to Start the Decade off Right

The holiday season is great. Warm sweaters, presents, and all your friends and family coming around.

It’s a good thing you called the best residential dumpster rental in Athens, GA right after the holidays. Oh wait, you didn’t. It’s ok, though, Bin There Dump That has a 24-hour guarantee just for situations like these.

But sometimes we can let a little bit of gluttony get out of hand. If every time you walk by your spare room with all that junk in it you keep walking saying you’ll take care of it tomorrow, it’s time for a little spring cleaning.

If decluttering were that easy, you wouldn’t have let it get out of hand in the first place. That’s why working with a residential dumpster rental that takes care of all the hard work.

Bin There Dump That goes above and beyond because they’ve been on the other side of this business.

From drivers who treat your lawn like an ashtray to deep wounds in your driveway from a dumpster digging its heels in.

Whether you have one room to clear out or your whole house, Bin There Dump That has you covered.

Follow these simple tips to get your home cleaner than a minimalist with OCD.

1. Make a List

Make a list and check it twice. No seriously, don’t forget to check your cleaning list twice to make sure you got everything.

Not sure what to put on your declutter list? Start with the top priorities so you don’t keep getting sidetracked.

This way when you call the best residential dumpster rental in Athens, GA you’ll be done loading up your dumpster long before your week-long lease ends.

2. Go Room by Room

Thinking about clearing out a 2,000+ sq ft home is enough to make the most ambitious cleaner want to sit on the couch and watch tv until they pass out.

Going room by room is not only more palatable, but it’s also easier to see your progress.

3. Rent a Dumpster

This is a no brainer. Where are you going to putt all that clutter? Don’t clear it all out just to cram it all away in another hiding spot.

4. Choose Your Favorite Charities

Goodwill isn’t the only charitable organization that wants your old stuff. Canned food for the food bank, old coats for the homeless shelter, and the local animal shelter for any old pet items you might have.

This is your chance to give back to the charities that mean something to you.

5. Garage Sale

This may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t want to take the time to make some extra cash off their junk.

6. Care Packages

Have family members away from home for the first time? Your trash could be your niece in college’s treasure.

7. Upcycle Old Items

Surveys have shown we wear less than half our wardrobes! Have an old sweater you haven’t worn since last Christmas?

Why not get creative with some scissors and your sewing machine to add whole new pieces to your wardrobe without taking up more space.

8. Trade

Have your friends over for a junk swap party! That air fryer you thought would change your life but sits under the cupboard 364 days of the year?

Your friend with that cute top you’ve been wanting to borrow might be willing to give it to you in exchange for your undesirable kitchen appliances.

9. Crafts

Everyone has bought yarn, scrapbooking materials, and other items for craft projects that’ll happen someday.

It’s time to make someday, today.

10. Reconnect with family whose items you’re storing

Been holding onto grandma’s old photo albums? Your son’s old sports trophies? Hit up any family members you’re storing items to see if you can unload back onto them.

11. Keep a Declutter Diary

Just like our trust checklist, keeping a declutter diary is all about keeping yourself accountable.

You’ll see how fast you’re moving through your decluttering project.

12. Make Decluttering Your Permanent Lifestyle

“Decluttering isn’t a set of practical action steps,” says Gary Collins, Best-Selling Author of The Simple Life Guide to Decluttering Your Life. “It’s a lifestyle. And a lifestyle is an expression of what you consistently believe and value.”

 When you’re ready, call the best residential dumpster rental in Athens, GA. They handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on making your home your sanctuary.

Join Forces With the Best for Your Next Home Project

Walking through your decluttered home feels like sucking in a bunch of fresh oxygen from a tropical rain forest.

Your home is yours again. No more stepping over junk to get through your house. It’s your sanctuary, not the filming location for the next season of American Ninja Warrior.

Decluttering is stressful, emotional, and downright exhausting. Don’t add to your troubles by working with a dumpster rental company that doesn’t treat your property like their own.

Call the best residential dumpster rental in Athens, GA for a quote you can instantly add to your budget. You have nothing to lose and a clean home to regain!

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