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The Top 10 Remodeling Blogs That’ll Inspire Your Next Project

 (modified Jan 10, 2020)

You just bought your 1st home and couldn’t be more excited. For the 1st time, you get to do whatever you want.

Want a new color of paint in the kitchen? What about some extra prep space in the kitchen?

Whatever you want you can make it happen.

But where do you start? You’re no interior designer. Your socks don’t even match today.

Don’t worry. With the help of remodeling blogs, you can have a home the pros on HGTV would be jealous of.

Our Favorite Remodeling Blogs

Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly tips on how to make your bedroom cozier or want to completely demolish your bathroom and build it from the ground up, these home improvement websites have you covered.

1. Sweeten Blog

One of the best home renovation blogs to bookmark when you get close to pulling the trigger on your remodeling project is Sweeten Blog.

Not only do they have tons of helpful content when it comes to remodeling, but their core business is matching homeowners with contractors.

They highlight local contractors with articles of their previous work. This helps big time if you’re clueless about where to start when looking for a good contractor.

2. Grandma’s House DIY

Even though Tara isn’t a grandmother yet, her blog Grandma’s House DIY shows how she turned her 100-year-old grandparent’s farmhouse into a reinvented modern home.

Tara walks you through everything from how to clear out smoke damaged wood to making fun slipcovers for your sofa.

What really makes Grandma’s House perfect for any homeowner is most of her projects cost very little to do.

She’s great at showing you how to use the stuff you already have lying around the house.

3. Coastal Windows & Exteriors

It’s easy to forget about the outside of our home when remodeling. But curb appeal is important too. Especially if you expect to sell your home in a few years.

Coastal’s blog helps you find the right windows and siding material to fit your home. Don’t make the mistake of covering your home in stucco if you live in a high humidity region. Coastal can show you the options best suited to the weather in your area.

They show you all the possibilities for enhancing your home with custom windows. If you have an older home they have a ton of information on how to upgrade to energy efficient windows without losing the vintage charm you bought your house for.

4. Bob Vila

You might remember Bob Vila from 1 of his many popular home renovation shows. Bob’s been giving us solid home renovation advice since his days on This Old House.

Vila is a trusted name in the home remodeling industry, so you won’t find any questionable advice that could end up doing more harm than good.

From major remodeling projects to gardening tips, Bob’s blog hosts a diverse variety of DIY project ideas.

5. Houzz

Looking for the latest trends in home decor? Houzz fills that niche by providing lots of eye-catching content.

They also sell many of the trendy items they use in their articles. While it may be on the pricey side, it’s a great place to get unique items you won’t find anywhere else.

This blog is best for the remodeler wanting something totally unique. Take a break from the average and see if you can work in any of their avant-garde design tips.

6. Remodelista

If you’re looking for a full blueprint of an awe-inspiring remodel, look no further. Remodelista’s “get the look” articles show you exactly how to copy some of the most high-end interior decorating jobs.

You can copy looks from some of the hottest designers at a fraction of the price by following Remodelista’s guides.

They also offer travel and shopping tips for their jet setting audience. Remodelista is the perfect fit for you if you’re looking for a remodeling blog with lifestyle tips.

7. Retro-Renovation

It doesn’t get much more niche than Retro-Renovation. This remodeling blog focuses on the mid-century aesthetic.

Been looking for a vintage-inspired refrigerator or a claw foot tub? Retro-renovation helps their readers find these hard to source items for their homes.

This blog is the perfect getaway for remodelers who want a break from the minimalist aesthetic most new homes offers.

8. This Old House

Going strong for close to 40 years now, this PBS mainstay also keeps up a mean remodeling blog.

It’s full of helpful information for antique homeowners that have to take special precautions when remodeling.

Older homes also tend to have smaller rooms. This Old House has a lot of tips on how to make rooms feel bigger while keeping their vintage charm.

9. The Family Handyman

Instead of targeting a specific niche, The Family Handyman offers a little bit of everything.

Most of their content revolves around repairs and projects you can do yourself. They also have general advice articles like this one on how to choose the right tablet.

Next time you need something repaired check out The Family Handyman to see if you can handle it yourself.

10. Fine Homebuilding

Are you a seasoned remodeler looking for more advanced projects? Fine Homebuilding offers plenty of complex project ideas for the professional home remodeler.

Want to take back space in your room your queen-sized bed takes up? No problem. Fine Homebuilding will show you not just how to turn it into a Murphy bed that tucks away into the wall, but a desk on the opposite side doubles the use of this space.

With lots of detailed articles on more involved projects, you’ll never run out of cool DIY projects during your next remodel.

Use the Top 10 Remodeling Blogs to Plan Your Home Renovation

Remodeling blogs can turn the most clueless bachelor into a revered interior decorator.

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