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Top 6 Bad Homeownership Habits that Will Break Your Bank


Homeownership requires a lot of responsibility and upkeep, and for many of us with busy work and family schedules, taking care of our homes the right way may seem impossible. Over time, the corners we cut and maintenance we constantly put off will turn into costly bad habits. There may even be things you do with the intention of upkeep your residence that is actually setting you up for expensive repair eventually.

Check out these top six bad homeownership habits that will take a large bite out of your budget.

#6 Putting Off or Skipping General Maintenance

It’s easy to overlook inspecting and maintaining the roof or your HVAC system. Most of us take these parts of our homes for granted, but when you don’t perform regular maintenance of them, and affordable fix can snowball into thousands of dollars.

#5 Not Cleaning Out the Gutters

Who likes to clean out their gutters? Not many of us do, and failing to keep them cleaned and maintained can have a domino effect on the rest of your home. Backed up gutters lead to premature roof rot, back flooding, and leaks that you will need a professional to figure out. If you don’t like cleaning gutters, hiring a professional is a lot cheaper than the cost associated with related repairs from avoiding this responsibility.

#4 Hoarding Belongings for Later Use

Whether it’s yard sale season or after the holidays, many homeowners can’t resist adding to their already full closets, garages, and basements with belongings they love. Hoarding household goods is more than a waste of valuable living space, this bad habit also can make a house fire ten times worse, encourage pests to nest in these cluttered spaces, and poses a risk for mold and mildew. Try renting a dumpster for a week and gradually clearing out excess belongings from each room in your home.

#3 Putting Unsafe Items in the Fireplace

Fireplaces may seem like a safe alternative to starting a burn pile in your backyard, but in reality, you risk damaging your flue and chimney when you burn colored holiday wrap, cardboard, and similar items in its flames. Chimney fires can erupt from the higher temperatures that colored paper burns, and these types of materials emit toxic particles and fumes.

#2 Using Drain Cleaner Too Often

When our kitchen or bathroom sinks back up, should we use the chemical de-clogger every time? The answer is no. The ingredients in liquid uncloggers are not only caustic, but they are bad for the environment, our health, and your plumbing. The expense of replacing pipes throughout your house or behind a wall from caustic erosion that causes a leak will require major renovation. If this happens to you, plan ahead and schedule a dumpster rental to handle the debris.

#1 Going Crazy with Mulch

Our number one bad habit is homeowners who go crazy with mulching around their trees. Also known as volcano mulching because it makes the base of the covered tree look like, well, a volcano, this habit forces the tree roots to come up through the mulch. The reason why is that there is too much moisture retention that leads to mold and decay. When roots come out of the ground, they potentially will cut off its water supply and kill it. Then you have to hire a tree trimmer and rent a dumpster to take it down.

When You Make These Costly Homeowner Mistakes, Rent a Dumpster

Mistakes happen, and many times it’s by trial and error, like in the case of over mulching trees. The important thing to do is not put off taking care of the problem and have the right plan in place to make repairs. From gutter repairs to replacing your chimney after a fire, a dumpster rental will help make waste disposal easier and save you extra costs paid to repair crews that would charge extra to haul it all away. Bin There Dump That offers bins that are 4-20 yards long with capacities for just about any job size you throw our way.

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