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Athens, The City That Recycles Meat

 (modified Jan 10, 2020)

Athens is fighting a huge problem: food waste entering landfills.

“When you look at the percentages of materials that are coming into a typical landfill,” Athens-Clarke waste reduction administrator Joe Dunlap rants, “food scraps are one of the last double-digit percentages of those materials that are coming in.”

But with the average American throwing away half a pound of food a day, how are Mr. Dunlap and the county going to have any impact on this issue?

By taking the burden away from Athens residents Mr. Dunlap and his crew are able to divert thousands of pounds of food waste from the county’s landfills.

Most home composters are limited in what they can add to their piles. Items, like meat and cheese, don’t decompose fast enough using home-based composting methods.

The Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department will accept anything that was once alive, including:

  • Meat
  • Grease
  • Dairy
  • Paper Products

It’s only $5 to have a 5-gallon bucket of food waste composted at the solid waste center. You don’t even have to be a county resident to take advantage of this awesome program.

Still Have Leftovers?

Everyone has canned food they’re not going to be using anytime soon, why not donate them to the emergency food bank?

The emergency food bank takes care of Athens residents when disaster strikes. Whether its a storm or job loss, the food bank provides a week’s worth of groceries to those in need.

With 16.8% of Athens Clarke County residents living below the poverty line, many families need more than just an emergency supply of food. Just north is the food bank of Northeast Georgia.

With a teaching kitchen and garden, the Northeast Georgia food bank is much more than just a free pantry.

Clearing out a home for sale can be overwhelming. Starting with unused food is a great low effort way to clean while supporting a good cause.

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