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Adding Curb Appeal on a Budget

 (modified Jan 10, 2020)

It’s easy to let the yard go when you get caught up with your daily routine. A few dried roses, a little bit of paint chipping off the front door, your gutters are overflowing with leaves.

Yes, it’s easy to let housework pile up once you’ve gotten comfortable.

But when you’re getting ready to sell your home, every detail matters. You’re thinking you’re going to have to spend hundreds hiring professional landscapers.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You already have the basics to work with and this article will show you how to add curb appeal on a budget.

How to Improve Curb Appeal With an Open House Quickly Approaching

Front door curb appeal is easy when you have a plan. Use these easy to follow steps to get the best offer on your home.

1. Mailbox Makeover

Is your mailbox more shabby than chic? Replace that old dingy mailbox with a sharp-looking new one.

When it comes to making a sale, every detail needs to be on point. A rusty mailbox with chipped paint makes would-be buyers think the home hasn’t been taken care of.

Want to really wow your open house visitors? Add some stainless steel address numbers for an affordable way to add a lot of front door curb appeal.

2. Add Window Boxes

Window boxes with some freshly bloomed flowers add a whimsical charm to any house. Your home suddenly goes from being in Athens Georgia to a quaint Denmark village.

Rosemary and other fragrant plants are also a welcome addition to window boxes. You can even make a window box just for herbs outside the kitchen for fresh cooking herbs.

Opening the windows will pull in wafts of pleasant smells into your home.

3. Add a Fountain

Flowing water is always peaceful. A small fountain by the front door is an inviting way to greet open house visitors.

Don’t get anything too big or cumbersome. We’re going for a calming vibe, not a gaudy McMansion.

Set up a cafe table and some chairs and place a small fountain, like this one, out to create an instant patio bistro right on your front patio.

Adding Curb Appeal on a Budget Just Got Easier

Adding curb appeal on a budget gets your creative juices pumping. Do you know what else makes a home sale go faster?

Having all your clutter cleared out before any prospective buyers stop by. No one wants to imagine themselves living amongst someone else’s junk.

You don’t need to waste time making a million calls to make arrangements for a dumpster rental.

City garbage pickups schedules are never convenient.

Just work with Bin There Dump That. They take care of all the transportation and can have a dumpster at your door within 24 hours.

Just fill and get back to the important things, like getting your house ready to sell.

So call now for a free quote, or even have a dumpster delivered at your door by tomorrow!